Our friends and parters

A list of online stores we highly recommend to check.

Whatshoes is an international shoe store selling NATO-certified boots. The durable and bold boots are made in Europe and trusted by the Estonian, Latvian, Norwegian and Ukrainian militaries.

Studio Absurd is for occasions you want to wear something not boring, something that is limited and made by local artists and designers. Studio Absurd sells apparel & accessories from independent European artists and designers. They ship worldwide and they don’t do boring.

Jens and Vesper are two architects who had become a little bored with house design and wanted to make a turn in their lives. Restless Germans as they were, doing nothing was not an option. So what did they do? Jens’ love for Scandinavian culture and Vesper’s passion for minimalism led to the creation of his own business, which combines both and sells things that are beautiful but also necessary at the same time.

Saapavabrik is an Estonian boots store with a wide selection of boots, including the legendary M77s. These boots are trusted even by NATO armies! Apart from rugged boots, Saapavabrik has a selection of slippers, sandals, shoes and even vegan footwear!

Ehtevabrik is an Estonian online store that is perfect for those who are not fond of dull jewelry. Ehtevabrik offers a wide selection of jewelry from European designers.

Kingid Mehele or Gifts for Men – Have you ever wondered (of course you have) what to gift a man? Moreover, if you no longer want to settle for the predictable options of underwear or socks? For instance, if your father enjoys sauna, there is a wide selection of sauna-related gifts at the Kingid Mehele online store. Of course, there are more classic gift options too – wallets, cufflinks and socks.


Kaardihoidja.ee –  A small wallet and cardholder blog and store for the Estonian market. Disclaimer: the store is also in Estonian.

Saunatark – Their selection includes carefully selected sauna products that help you create a relaxing and pleasant experience in your home, cottage or wherever you want.