Close to You Leather Keychain – Black


The Close to You leather keychain is perfect for keeping your keys secure and easily accessible. The keychain is made of vegetable-tanned leather that ages beautifully. In addition, you can choose between nickel or brass metal details to match your style.

Stella Soomlais is an acclaimed designer brand from Estonia that creates and produces all of its items locally. Their focus is on creating functional and durable bags and accessories that are made with responsibility in mind. Additionally, each item is uniquely crafted to order.

  • Made of vegetable-tanned leather
  • Leather part dimension: 1,5 x 9 cm
  • The ring diameter: 2,7 cm
  • Handmade in Estonia

Shipping: 2-5 weeks

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Stella Soomlais

Responsibly crafted functional and long-lasting leather bags designed and made in Estonia by an award-winning designer. We sincerely believe that our planet has chances for a brighter future. We must let go of the old thought models and redesign all that does not lead us forward — starting from how we use our natural resources and heading towards circular design, or even better – zero waste. Our design is more than leather, thread and patterns. A bag needs more than just stitches to keep it together. Our bags are held together by a sustainable thinking and production process. And this is what we believe in. 2022 Estonian Responsible Business Index Gold level 2020 Estonian Responsible Business Index Gold level 2020 Estonian Responsible Entrepreneurship Forum, a special award for social entrepreneurship 2019 Estonian Responsible Business Index Silver level 2018 Estonian Responsible Business Index Bronze Level


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