Tactical Backpack 077 – Green


The Galvi-Linda’s Tactical Backpack 077 is the ultimate backpack for all your army patrol needs. Crafted from hard-wearing material Polyamide 6, this bag is built to withstand any challenging situation you might encounter in the field. The bag stands out for its comfortable design with a padded back and hip support. Wear it for extended periods without feeling fatigued, allowing you to focus on your mission without discomfort. The drawstring fastening and flap closure keep your belongings safe and secure, while the large main pocket and two side pockets provide ample storage space for all your essentials. So whether you need to carry water bottles, ammo, or other gear, this bag has you covered.

  • Material: Polyamide 6/Nylon 6/polycaprolactam (PA6)
  • Color: Estonian Armed Forces digital camouflage
  • Dimensions: 34 cm x 50 cm x 18 cm
  • Supplier certificates: ISO 9001:2015
  • NATO code: 8465-38-000-9537
  • Designed and made in Estonia

Shipping: 3-5 workdays

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Galvi-Linda produces durable NATO-grade bags that are reliable in any situation. The Estonian Defence Forces and police have relied on Galvi-Linda as a trusted partner for many years to make tactical backpacks, bags, clothing, and other equipment. All of Galvi-Linda's bags are developed and manufactured in Europe.


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